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The rational topology of gauge groups and of spaces of connections

Svjetlana Terzic a1
a1 Faculty of Science, University of Montenegro, Cetinjski put bb, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro, Serbia and Montenegro

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Let P be a principal bundle with semisimple compact simply connected structure group G over a compact simply connected four-manifold M. In this paper we give explicit formulas for the rational homotopy groups and cohomology algebra of the gauge group and of the space of (irreducible) connections modulo gauge transformations for any such bundle.

(Received February 22 2003)
(Accepted November 17 2003)
(Published Online December 1 2004)

Key Words: rational topology; gauge groups; spaces of connections.

Maths Classification

55P62; 57R19; 58B05; 81T13.

To the memory of my teacher and friend, Professor Yuri Petrovich Solovyov