Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union

The Interplay among Black Holes, Stars and ISM Galactic Nuclei

Jet-induced star formation: Good news from big, bad black holes

Wil van Breugel a1, Chris Fragile a1, Stephen Croft a1, Wim de Vries a1a2, Peter Anninos a1 and Stephen Murray a1
a1 University of California, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, L-413, P.O. Box 808, Livermore, CA 94550, USA
a2 University of California at Davis, One Shields Ave, Davis, CA 95616, USA email:,,,,,

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We discuss obbservations and numerical simulations which show that radiative shocks in jet-cloud collisions can trigger the collapse of intergalactic clouds and subsequent star formation in low luminosity, ‘FR-I’ type, radio galaxies.


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