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First record of the alien gastropod Melibe fimbriata (Opistobranchia: Tethyidae) in the Taranto seas (Mediterranean Sea)

Danilo  Carriglio a1, Giovanni  Fanelli a1c1 and Fernando  Rubino a1
a1 Istituto Ambiente Marino Costiero, Sez. Talassografico ‘A. Cerruti’, CNR Via Roma 3, 74100 Taranto, Italy

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The first occurrence of the alien gastropod Melibe fimbriata in the Taranto marine coastal area is reported. This mollusc was observed on muddy bottoms covered with dense algal beds mainly composed of Chaetomorpha linum, Gracilaria spp. and the invasive chlorophyta Caulerpa racemosa. Occasionally, M. fimbriata specimens were found in proximity to mussel farms. Most specimens of M. fimbriata were observed during diurnal foraging activity and associated with anaspideans species, like native Aplysia depilans and the lessepsian immigrant Bursatella leachii. Melibe fimbriata can be considered a definitively resident species in the opistobranch fauna of the Taranto seas.

(Received May 24 2004)
(Accepted July 15 2004)

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