Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Short Communication

Does sustained ERP activity in posterior lexico-semantic processing areas during short-term memory tasks only reflect activated long-term memory?

Steve Majerus a1, Martial Van der Linden a2, Fabienne Collette a1 and Eric Salmon a3
a1 Department of Cognitive Sciences, University of Liège, 4000 Liège, Belgium [email protected] [email protected]
a2 Cognitive Psychopathology Unit, University of Geneva, 1205 Geneva, Switzerland [email protected]
a3 Cyclotron Research Center, University of Liège, 4000 Liège, Belgium [email protected]


We challenge Ruchkin et al.'s claim in reducing short-term memory (STM) to the active part of long-term memory (LTM), by showing that their data cannot rule out the possibility that activation of posterior brain regions could also reflect the contribution of a verbal STM buffer.