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New data on Martialia hyadesi feeding in the Scotia Sea during winter; with emphasis on seasonal and annual variability

J.  Dickson a1, S.A.  Morley a1c1 and T.  Mulvey a1
a1 British Antarctic Survey, Natural Environment Research Council, High Cross, Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0ET, UK

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The diet of the seven star flying squid, Martialia hyadesi, from the South Georgia sector of the Scotia Sea was described from stomach contents collected in winter (June) 2001. Diet was dominated by the hyperiid amphipod, Themisto gaudichaudii, fish (nine species, mainly myctophids) and cephalopods (mainly cannibalism). The absence of krill, Euphausia superba, and the presence of larger myctophids in the diet are discussed in terms of seasonal and annual prey availability.

(Received July 22 2003)
(Accepted March 8 2004)

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