Modern Asian Studies

Imagining ‘Greater India’: French and Indian Visions of Colonialism in the Indic Mode

a1 University of Cambridge

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This article explores both Western and Asian imaginings of national histories beyond the boundaries of the nation. It seeks to contribute to the history of Asian modernities, and to the anthropological study of nationalism. Its focus is on thinkers and political actors whose visions of both the colonising and decolonising processes were translocal, rather than narrowly territorial in scope.


Research for this article was conducted with support from Cambridge University and Christ's College, Cambridge. I am grateful to John Bowen for permission to cite his unpublished work. For valuable comments and criticism, I am indebted to C.A. Bayly, Sugata Bose, Caroline Humphrey, James Laidlaw, and Magnus Marsden. I warmly thank Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov for many valuable suggestions, including comparisons with the Russian and Soviet cases.