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The Veepstakes: Forecasting Vice Presidential Selection in 2008

Jody C Baumgartnera1

a1 East Carolina University

One of the more entertaining pastimes during the presidential campaign is the “veepstakes,” or speculation about who the presidential nominee will select for a running mate. While much of this speculation occurs after the nomination has been decided (Alter 2004; Feldmann 2004; Kennedy 2004; Lehigh 2004; Starr 2004), speculation about the 2008 selections had begun as early as 2007 (Cain 2007; Klein 2007; Mackowiak 2007; Sanderson 2007). Most are grounded in a good understanding of what presidential candidates look for in a running mate, but one writer has not unfairly referred to the veepstakes as a “largely fact-free parlour game” (Harding 2004).


I would like to thank Peter L. Francia, Brad Lockerbie, Jonathan S. Morris, and Carmine P. Scavo of East Carolina University for their invaluable comments and suggestions in the preparation of this manuscript.