Reviews in Clinical Gerontology

What is person-centred care in dementia?

Dawn Brooker a1c1
a1 Bradford Dementia Group, University of Bradford, UK

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The term person-centred care has become all-pervasive on the UK dementia care scene. It has been suggested that it has become synonymous with good quality care. It seems that any new approach in dementia care has to claim to be pc (person-centred) in order to be P.C. (politically correct). The term is used frequently in the aims and objectives for dementia care services and provision in the UK and the US, although what lies behind the rhetoric in terms of practice may be questionable.

c1 Address for correspondence: D Brooker, Bradford Dementia Group, School of Health Studies, University of Bradford, Unity Building, 25 Trinity Road, Bradford. BD5 0BB UK.