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Maximum dive depths attained by South Georgia diving petrel Pelecanoides georgicus at Bird Island, South Georgia

P. A. Prince a1 and M. Jones a1
a1 British Antarctic Survey, Natural Environment Research Council, High Cross, Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0ET

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Maximum dive depths have been recorded for a number of sea-bird species using simple lightweight capillary gauges (Burger & Wilson 1988). So far these studies have been confined to penguins (Montague 1985, Seddon & van Heezik 1990, Whitehead 1989, Wilson & Wilson 1990, Scolaro & Suburo 1991), alcids (Burger & Simpson 1986, Burger & Powell 1988, Harris et al. 1990, Burger 1991) and cormorants (Burger 1991, Wanless et al. 1991).

(Accepted September 25 1992)

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