Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society

Research Article

Dehn surgery and essential annuli*

Chuichiro Hayashia1

a1 Department of Science, Gakushuin University, Mejiro, Tokyo 171, Japan

In this paper we consider Dehn surgery and essential annuli whose two boundary components are in distinct components of the boundary of a 3-manifold.

Let Nl be an orientable 3-manifold with boundary, Kl a knot in Nl, and N2 the 3-manifold obtained by performing γ-Dehn surgery Kl. In detail, let Vl be a regular neighbourhood Kl, X = Nl − int Vl the exterior of Kl, T the toral component ∂Vl of ∂X, and γ a slope on T. Then we obtain the 3-manifold N2 by attaching a solid torus V2 to X so that γ bounds a disc in V2. Let K2 be the core of V2. Let π be the slope of a meridian loop of Kl, and Δ the distance between the slopes π and γ, i.e. the minimal number of intersection points of the two slopes on T. Suppose for i = 1 and 2 that Ni contains a proper annulus Ai such that the two components of ∂Ai are essential loops on distinct incompressible components of ∂Ni. Then note that Ai is essential, i.e. incompressible and ∂-incompressible in Ni.

(Received August 18 1994)

(Revised March 28 1995)


* This research was partially supported by Fellowships of the Japan Society for the Promotion for Japanese Junior Scientists.