Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society

Research Article

Generating families for images of Lagrangian submanifolds and open swallowtails

Stanisław Janeczkoa1

a1 Institute of Mathematics, Technical University of Warsaw, Polan


In this paper we study the symplectic relations appearing as the generalized cotangent bundle liftings of smooth stable mappings. Using this class of symplectic relations the classification theorem for generic (pre) images of lagrangian submanifolds is proved. The normal forms for the respective classified puilbacks and pushforwards are provided and the connections between the singularity types of symplectic relation, mapped lagrangian submanifold and singular image, are established. The notion of special symplectic triplet is introduced and the generic local models of such triplets are studied. We show that the open swallowtails are canonically represented as pushforwards of the appropriate regular lagrangian submanifolds. Using the SL2(xs211D) invariant symplectic structure of the space of binary forms of n appropriate dimension we derive the generating families for the open swallowtails and the respective generating functions for its regular resolutions.

(Received July 08 1985)