Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society

Research Article

On equimultiplicity

M. Herrmanna1 and U. Orbanza1

a1 University of Köln

This note consists of some investigations about the condition ht(A) = l(A) where A is an ideal in a local ring and l(A) is the analytic spread of A (9).

In (4) we proved the following: If R is a local ring and P a prime ideal such that R/P is regular then (under some technical assumptions) ht(P) = l(P) is equivalent to the equimultiplicity e(R) = e(RP). Also for a general ideal A (which need not be prime), the condition ht(A) = l(A) can be translated into an equality of certain multiplicities (see Theorem 0).

(Received September 21 1981)