Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society

Research Article

A note on the image system for a stokeslet in a no-slip boundary

J. R. Blakea1

a1 Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge


The velocity and pressure fields for Stokes's flow due to a point force (‘stokeslet’) in the vicinity of a stationary plane boundary are analysed, using Fourier transforms, to obtain the image system required to satisfy the no-slip condition on the boundary. The image system, which is illustrated by diagrams, is found to consist of a stokeslet equal in magnitude but opposite in sign to the initial stokeslet, a stokes-doublet and a source-doublet, the displacement axes for the doublets being in the original direction of the force. The influence of the wall on the near and far fields is discussed. In the far field it is found that a stokeslet aligned parallel to the wall produces a stokes-doublet far-field, whereas a stokeslet normal to the wall produces a combination of a source-doublet and a stokes-quadrupole far-field. Although results can be alternatively derived by the method of Lorentz (7) using a reciprocal theorem, the present method yields much more clearly the form of the image system.

(Received January 11 1971)