Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union

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Star formation in bulges from GALEX

Sukyoung K. Yia1

a1 Yonsei University, Department of Astronomy, Seoul 120-749, Korea email:


Early-type galaxies, considered as large bulges, have been found to have had a much-more-than-boring star formation history in recent years by the UV satellite GALEX. The most massive bulges, brightest cluster galaxies, appear to be relatively free of young stars. But smaller bulges, normal ellipticals and lenticulars, often show unambiguous sign of recent star formation in their UV flux. The fraction of such UV-bright bulges in the volume-limited sample climbs up to the staggering 30%. The bulges of spirals follow similar trends but a larger fraction showing signs of current and recent star formation. The implication on the bulge formation and evolution is discussed.


  • galaxies: bulges;
  • galaxies: elliptical;
  • lenticular;
  • cD;
  • galaxies: evolution;
  • galaxies: formation;
  • galaxies: stellar content