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Assessment of various display devices on a virtual reality-based hand rehabilitation system

Wei-Shin  Huang a1c1 , Chang-Yih  Shing a1 , Chin-Ping  Fung a2 , Tien-Yow  Chuang a3 , Ming-Chang  Jeng a1 and Ji-Liang  Doong a1
a1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Central University, Chung-Li 32054 (Taiwan).
a2 Department of System Engineering. Chung Cheng Institute of Technology, Tao-Yuan 33509 (Taiwan).
a3 Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Veterans General Hospital Taipei and National Yang-Ming University, Taipei 11217 (Taiwan).

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The purpose of the present study is to assess the effect of an auxiliary lateral image and display devices on manipulation performance in a virtual reality-based hand rehabilitation system. The system consists of a personal computer, a tracker, a data glove, and a display device. For this study, a projector, a monitor, and a head-mounted display were respectively used as the display devices to present three-dimensional virtual environments. Twelve volunteers were recruited to take a pick-and-place procedure at different levels of difficulty. Task time and collision frequency were the parameters used to evaluate the manipulation performance. It was found that the presence of an auxiliary lateral image was a significant factor only for the performance of the projector group and the monitor group. In addition, no statistically significant difference was found in the comparison between the projector group and the monitor group.

(Received April 4 2003)

Key Words: Virtual reality; Hand rehabilitation; Display device.

c1 Corresponding author: Chin-Ping Fung. E-mail: (C.-P. Fung)