Review of International Studies

Discerning the patterns of world order: Noam Chomsky and international theory after the Cold War

Mark  Laffey  1


In this article I argue that Chomsky's political writings, widely ignored in the discipline, are a significant resource for thinking about contemporary world politics, how we should analyse it, and to what ends. This claim is defended through an analysis of recent efforts by IR scholars to interpret the post-Cold War order. When viewed through the analytic perspective articulated by Chomsky, disciplinary accounts of the post-Cold War world as liberal and peaceful are shown to be insufficiently attentive to the empirical record. Chomsky's political writings are also shown to be compatible with standard accounts of critical social science.


1 Thanks to Eric Herring, Jutta Weldes, Kathryn Dean, Tarak Barkawi, John Game and Noam Chomsky for comments, suggestions and corrections.