Ancient Mesoamerica

COULD WE SPEAK OF THE SUPER BOWL AT FLUSHING MEADOWS?: La pelota mixteca, a third pre-Hispanic ballgame, and its possible architectural context

Eric  Taladoire  a1 c1
a1 UMR 8096, Université de Paris 1, 12, Place du Panthéon, 75231 Paris Cedex 05, France

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Mesoamerican studies have long focused on the well-known pre-Columbian game ullamaliztli, its architectural context, and its possible variants. But other games can be identified, among them the stick game from Teotihuacan and a handball game depicted at Dainzù. Despite a large chronological gap, the handball game at Dainzu can be related to the present pelota mixteca, taking into account other artifacts. It may also be associated with the palangana-type ballcourts, thus modifying our interpretations of the ballgame architectural context.

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