Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union

Contributed Papers

Solar feature tracking in both spatial and temporal domains

D. B. Jessa1a2, M. Mathioudakisa1, R. Erdélyia3, G. Vertha3, R. T. J. McAteera2 and F. P. Keenana1

a1 Astrophysics Research Centre, School of Mathematics and Physics, Queen's University, Belfast, BT7 1NN, Northern Ireland, UK email:

a2 NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Solar Physics Laboratory, Code 671, Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA

a3 SP2RC, Department of Applied Mathematics, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, S3 7RH, England, U.K.


A new method for automated coronal loop tracking, in both spatial and temporal domains, is presented. The reliability of this technique was tested with TRACE 171 Å observations. The application of this technique to a flare-induced kink-mode oscillation, revealed a 3500 km spatial periodicity which occur along the loop edge. We establish a reduction in oscillatory power, for these spatial periodicities, of 45% over a 322 s interval. We relate the reduction in oscillatory power to the physical damping of these loop-top oscillations.


  • Sun: activity;
  • Sun: atmospheric motions;
  • Sun: corona;
  • Sun: evolution;
  • Sun: flares;
  • Sun: oscillations