Journal of Plasma Physics

Gasdynamic description of electron-beam flying-off in a plasma

V. N. MEL'NIK a1 and E. P. KONTAR a2
a1 Institute of Radio Astronomy of National Academy of Sciences, 310002, Kharkov, Ukraine
a2 Kharkov State University, 310077, Kharkov, Ukraine


The propagation of one and two electron beams in a plasma is considered in the case when the source is time-dependent. When the electron-plasmon interaction time is assumed to be much less than the electron flying-off time, the main gasdynamic equations are obtained on the basis of the quasilinear theory of weak turbulence. The solution for a monoenergetic beam is a beam–plasma structure moving with constant velocity. In general, two beams propagate as two beam–plasma structures with constant velocities. However, the second electron beam influences the flying-off dynamics of both beams. This peculiar interaction modifies the shapes of the structures.

(Received March 12 1997)
(Revised August 29 1997)