Laser and Particle Beams

The K-shell radiation of a double gas puff z-pinch with an axial magnetic field

S.A.  CHAIKOVSKY  a1 c1, A.Yu.  LABETSKY  a1, V.I.  ORESHKIN  a1, A.V.  SHISHLOV  a1, R.B.  BAKSHT  a1, A.V.  FEDUNIN  a1 and A.G.  ROUSSKIKH  a1
a1 High Current Electronics Institute, Tomsk, Russia


A double shell z-pinch with an axial magnetic field is considered as a K-shell plasma radiation source. One-dimensional radiation-hydrodynamics calculations performed suggest that this scheme holds promise for the production of the K-shell radiation of krypton (h[nu] [approximate] 12–17 keV). As a first step in verifying the advantages of this scheme, experiments have been performed to optimize a neon double-shell gas puff with an axial magnetic yield for the K-shell yield and power. The experiments show that the application of an axial magnetic field makes it possible to increase the K-shell radiation power and reduce the shot-to-shot spread in the K-shell yield. Comparisons between the experiments and modeling are made and show good agreement.

(Received April 1 2003)
(Accepted May 16 2003)

Key Words: Axial magnetic field; Implosion stability; K-shell radiation source; Z-pinch.

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