Journal of Helminthology

Research Note

Protease resistant interleukin-3 stimulating components in excretory and secretory products from adult worms of Strongyloides ratti

T. Abea1, Y. Nawaa2 and K. Yoshimuraa1

a1 Department of Parasitology, Akita University School of Medicine, Hondo, Akita 010, Japan

a2 Department of Parasitology, Miyazaki Medical College, Kiyotake, Miyazaki 889-16, Japan


Excretory and secretory (ES) products collected from adult worms of Strongyloides ratti stimulated interleukin-3 (IL-3) production with mesenteric lymph node cells from infected C57BL/6 mice, hut not with normal mesenteric lymph node cells. The IL-3 stimulating components were not major IgG binding antigens. Activity of the IL-3 stimulating components was stable by treatment with protease, although reduced by heating in boiling water.

(Accepted November 27 1991)