Journal of Helminthology

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Comparative study of assays detecting circulating immune complexes and specific antibodies in patients infected with Toxocara canis

C. Aguilaa1, C. Cuéllara2, S. Fenoya2 and J. L. Guilléna2

a1 Departamento de Biologia Molecular, Inst. Llorente-Fides, 28035 Madrid, Spain

a2 Departamento de Parasitología, Facultad de Farmacia, U.C.M., 28040 Madrid, Spain


A sandwich ELISA method using previously described E/S antigen-specific monoclonal antibodies has been developed to detect circulating immune complexes in patients infected with Toxocara canis. This technique could be used for the study of the dynamics of the parasite-host relationship, as we believe the detection of immune complexes and/or soluble antigen to be an improvement over detection of antibodies only. In this parasitosis, antibodies may be present in residual levels for prolonged periods after active infection.

(Accepted January 28 1987)