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Comparison of near seabed currents at two locations in the Porcupine Sea Bight—implications for benthic fauna

Martin  White a1
a1 Department of Oceanography, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland, E-mail:

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Recent measurements of benthic currents, within the depth range where the highest abundance of the hexactinellid sponge Pheronema carpenteri are found, have been made and compared to historical data for the northern Porcupine Sea Bight region where no Pheronema have been recorded. Bottom currents at a location where Pheronema have not been recorded are much higher than a location where the sponges have previously been sampled. The measurements provide some evidence to support the hypothesis that the sponges favour a location adjacent to regions where enhanced bottom tidal currents are found, but currents experienced by the sponges themselves are much reduced.

(Received August 28 2002)
(Accepted May 22 2003)