The Journal of Ecclesiastical History

The Compromise of Charles Cardinal de Lorraine: New Evidence 1

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The discovery of a document, until now hidden in an obscure Protestant pamphlet, presented by Charles cardinal de Lorraine (1525–74) to the privy council in August 1562, underpins recent work which shows the cardinal to have been an evangelical Catholic interested in reform and in reconciliation with Lutherans, both before and after the Colloquy of Poissy. This paper argues that Protestants feared Lorraine precisely because his interest in dialogue had the potential to split the reform movement. Publication of his five articles in 1565 was an attempt to embarrass him after Trent and to compromise his political rapprochement with the prince of Condé.


1 The author would like to thank Philip Benedict, John Bossy, Mark Greengrass and Bill Sheils for sharing their expertise and commenting on earlier versions of this paper.