Cardiology in the Young

Paediatric Cardiology Hall of Fame

Helen Brooke Taussig MD May 24, 1898 to May 21, 1986

Catherine A. Neilla1 c1 and Edward B. Clarka2

a1 Professor emeritus of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore MD

a2 *Wilma T. Gibson Professor and Chair, Department of Pediatrics Primary Children's Medical Center, University of Utah, USA


The life and accomplishments of Helen Taussig are reviewed at the centennial of her birth in 1898. Now, a little over 50 years since the first Blalock Taussig shunt in 1944, her legacy remains a model of brilliant scientific innovation and loving patient care.

Faithful indeed is the spirit that remembers” (Emily Bronte, Remembrance)

(Accepted October 19 1998)


c1 Dr Catherine A. Neill, Pediatric Cardiology, Brady 516, Johns Hopkins Hospital 600 N. Wolfe St. Baltimore MD USA 21287. Fax: 410–955–0897