Cardiology in the Young

Brief Reports

Large blood cyst causing severe left ventricular obstruction in a fetus

Andrew C. Cooka1 c1, Nuala L. K. Fagga1 and Gurleen K. Sharlanda2

a1 Fetal Cardiac Pathology, Guy's Hospital, London

a2 Departments of Fetal Cardiology, Guy's Hospital, London


A case of left ventricular obstruction is reported in a fetus of 21 weeks gestation. Obstruction to the left ventricular inflow and outflow tracts was documented by prenatal echocardiography and, at autopsy, the cause was found to be a large blood cyst. It is likely that the associated hypoplasia of the left heart was a result of reduced blood flow beyond this obstructive lesion.

(Accepted May 19 1995)


c1 Dr. Andrew C. Cook, Fetal Cardiac Pathology, Department of Histopathology, 2nd Floor Medical School, UMDS Guy's Hospital, London Bridge, SE1 9RT, United Kingdom. Tel. 44-171-955-4446; Fax. 44-171-955-4363.