Journal of Biosocial Science

Research Article

Genetic similarity and mate selection in Uruguay

M. Sansa1, I. Alvareza2, S. M. Callegari-Jacquesa3a4 and F. M. Salzanoa4

a1 Department of Anthropology, School of Humanities and Sciences of Education, University of the Republic, Montevideo, Uruguay

a2 National Bank of Organs and Tissues, Clinical Hospital Dr Manuel Quintela, Montevideo, Uruguay

a3 Statistics Department, Institute of Mathematics, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil

a4 Genetics Department, Biosciences Institute, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil


It has been suggested that average genetic similarity, as assessed by blood genetic markers, could influence mate choice in humans. In the present study, average genetic similarity was assessed in 183 couples submitting to paternity determinations in relation to six blood group systems and three HLA loci. Couples in which the putative father was excluded were compared with those in which such exclusion did not occur, and real couples were compared to random pairs. The differences were all statistically non-significant. Possible reasons for the different results found in the previous sample and in the present study are considered.

(Received December 16 1992)