Experimental Agriculture

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Effects of Fuels and Varieties on Aroma of Malawi Dark-fired Tobacco

T. W. Tantona1

a1 Chitedze Agricultural Research Station, P. O. Box 158, Lilongwe, Malawi


Dark-firc-cured tobacco varieties produced acceptable tobacco when cured with the wood of the fast-growing tropical tree Gmelina arborea, with an aroma as good as from the best traditional curing timber in Malawi. The addition to the fire of slow-burning, wet banana stalks or Kingelia pinnata fruit to increase the smoke did not change the desirability of the aroma. Factors which increase the stickiness of the leaf increase the desirability of the aroma of cured leaf.

(Accepted January 31 1978)


p1 Present address: The Tea Research Foundation of Central Africa, PO Box 51, Mulanje, Malawi.