Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Turbulent thermal convection in a cell with ordered rough boundaries

Y.-B. DU a1 and P. TONG a1c1
a1 Department of Physics, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 74078, USA


A novel convection experiment is conducted in a cell with rough upper and lower surfaces. The measured heat transport in the rough cell is found to be increased by more than 76%. Flow visualization and near-wall temperature measurements reveal new dynamics for the emission of thermal plumes. The experiment shows that the interaction between the horizontal shear flow due to the large-scale circulation and the ordered rough surface creates a secondary flow (eddies) in the groove region. The secondary flow together with the large-scale circulation enhance the detachment of the thermal boundary layer from the tip of the rough elements. These extra thermal plumes are responsible for the enhanced heat transport in the rough cell. The discovery of the enhanced heat transport has important applications in engineering for more efficient heat transfer.

(Received December 23 1998)
(Revised November 9 1999)

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