Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Kinetic theory of simple granular shear flows of smooth hard spheres

J. M. MONTANERO a1, V. GARZÓ a2, A. SANTOS a2 and J. J. BREY a3
a1 Departamento de Electrónica e Ingeniería Electromecánica, Universidad de Extremadura, E-06071 Badajoz, Spain
a2 Departamento de Física, Universidad de Extremadura, E-06071 Badajoz, Spain
a3 Física Teórica, Universidad de Sevilla, E-41080 Sevilla, Spain


Steady simple shear flows of smooth inelastic spheres are studied by means of a model kinetic equation and also of a direct Monte Carlo simulation method. Both approaches are based on the Enskog equation and provide for each other a test of consistency. The dependence of the granular temperature and of the shear and normal stresses on both the solid fraction and the coefficient of restitution is analysed. Quite a good agreement is found between theory and simulations in all cases. Also, simplified expressions based on the analytical solution of the model for small dissipation are shown to describe fairly well the simulation results even for not small inelasticity. A critical comparison with previous theories is carried out.

(Received June 4 1998)
(Revised February 9 1999)

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