Towards an integrated approach for reducing the conflict between elephants and people: a review of current research

Ferrel V. Osborn a1c1 and Guy E. Parker a1
a1 Mid Zambezi Elephant Project, 37 Lewisam Ave, Chisipite, Harare, Zimbabwe. E-mail: mzep@africaonline.co.zw


Managers attempting to reduce crop damage by elephants encounter a range of complex technical and social issues. Subsistence farmers bear the costs associated with maintaining wild elephant populations and this can confound interventions designed to improve the livelihood security of farmers. We present a review of the issues that influence the success and failure of methods used to reduce crop damage, and suggest that an integrated, community-based, low-tech approach will be the most sustainable solution to this conflict.

(Received February 8 2002)
(Revised June 7 2002)
(Accepted October 8 2002)

Key Words: Africa; crop raiding; elephants; farmers; human-animal conflict.

c1 Corresponding author