Experimental Agriculture

Research Article

Effects of Variety, Fertilizer and Environment on Fire-cured Tobacco in Malawi

J. B. Abingtona1 and T. W. Tantona1 p1

a1 Chitedze Research Station, PO Box 158, Lilongwe, Malawi


Five fire-cured tobacco varieties were grown under different fertilizer levels and environments, to investigate their effects upon quality of the cured leaf. Environment exerted the greatest effect, and the best quality of leaf was produced from virgin soils. Fertilizer responses were greatest in environments where traditional agricultural methods operated, but even heavy applications of fertilizer under these conditions did not compensate for lack of good initial soil conditions. Although variety affected the style of tobacco produced, varietal differences were small compared with the effects of environment and fertilizer.

(Accepted October 04 1978)


p1 Present address: Tea Research Foundation of Central Africa, PO Box 51, Mulanje, Malawi.