Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom

Description of two new species of Myersinella (Rotifera: Monogononta: Dicranophoridae) from the Mediterranean

Willem H.  De Smet a1
a1 Department of Biology, Laboratory of Polar Biology and Palaeobiolgy, University of Antwerp, Campus Drie Eiken, Universiteitsplein 1, B-2610 Wilrijk, Antwerpen, Belgium. E-mail:

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Two new species of rotifers belonging to the Dicranophoridae are described from marine psammon collected at a depth of 30–40 m in the Mediterranean near the island of Elba, Italy. Myersinella uncodonta sp. nov. is characterized by two colourless eyespots; single, incurved acute apical rami teeth; two needle-shaped, slightly incurved elongate unci; manubria with forked head and crutched cauda; outer margin of rami angular postero-laterally. Myersinella longiforceps sp. nov. is characterized by two large red eyespots; a pair of extremely elongated, gouge-shaped apical rami teeth; two short, needle-shaped unci; manubria with forked head and double-crutched cauda; outer margin of rami rounded laterally, tapering towards fulcrum. This is the first report of the genus Myersinella from marine environments.

(Published Online October 18 2007)
(Received March 15 2007)
(Accepted May 21 2007)