Journal of Fluid Mechanics

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Microstructure of strongly sheared suspensions and its impact on rheology and diffusion

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The effects of Brownian motion alone and in combination with an interparticle force of hard-sphere type upon the particle configuration in a strongly sheared suspension are analysed. In the limit Pe[rightward arrow][infty infinity] under the influence of hydrodynamic interactions alone, the pair-distribution function of a dilute suspension of spheres has symmetry properties that yield a Newtonian constitutive behaviour and a zero self-diffusivity. Here, Pe=[gamma][ogonek]a2/2D is the Péclet number with [gamma][ogonek] the shear rate, a the particle radius, and D the diffusivity of an isolated particle. Brownian diffusion at large Pe gives rise to an O(aPe[minus sign]1) thin boundary layer at contact in which the effects of Brownian diffusion and advection balance, and the pair-distribution function is asymmetric within the boundary layer with a contact value of O(Pe0.78) in pure-straining motion; non-Newtonian effects, which scale as the product of the contact value and the O(a3Pe[minus sign]1) layer volume, vanish as Pe[minus sign]0.22 as Pe[rightward arrow][infty infinity].

(Received August 7 1996)
(Revised February 19 1997)


Present address: School of Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30332, USA.