Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Small-scale characteristics of a turbulent boundary layer over a rough wall

H. S. SHAFI a1 and R. A. ANTONIA a1
a1 Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Newcastle, N.S.W., 2308, Australia


Measurements of the spanwise and wall-normal components of vorticity and their constituent velocity derivative fluctuations have been made in a turbulent boundary layer over a mesh-screen rough wall using a four-hot-wire vorticity probe. The measured spectra and variances of vorticity and velocity derivatives have been corrected for the effect of spatial resolution. The high-wavenumber behaviour of the spectra conforms closely with isotropy. Over most of the outer layer, the normalized magnitudes of the velocity derivative variances differ significantly from those over a smooth wall layer. The differences are such that the variances are much more nearly isotropic over the rough wall than on the smooth wall. This behaviour is consistent with earlier observations that the large-scale structure in this rough wall layer is more isotropic than that in a smooth wall layer. Isotropy-based approximations for the mean energy dissipation rate and mean enstrophy are consequently more reliable in this rough wall layer than in a smooth wall layer. In the outer layer, the vorticity variances are slightly larger than those over a smooth wall; reflecting structural differences between the two flows.

(Received September 24 1996)
(Revised February 10 1997)