Neuron Glia Biology

Research Article

Development of the peripheral glial cells in Drosophila

Marion Siliesa1, Gundula Edenfelda1, Daniel Engelena1, Tobias Storka1 and Christian Klämbta1 c1

a1 Institut für Neurobiologie, Universität Münster, D-48149 Münster, Germany


In complex organisms the nervous system comprises two cell types: neurons and glial cells. Their correct interplay is of crucial importance during both the development of the nervous system and for later function of the nervous system. In recent years tools have been developed for Drosophila that enable genetic approaches to understanding glial development and differentiation. Focusing on peripheral glial cells we first summarize wild-type development, then introduce some of the relevant genes that have been identified. Despite obvious differences between Drosophila and mammalian glial cells, the molecular machinery that controls terminal differentiation appears well conserved.

(Received March 29 2007)

(Revised May 03 2007)

(Accepted May 10 2007)


c1 Correspondence should be addressed to Christian Klämbt, Institut für Neurobiologie, Universität Münster, Badestr. 9, D-48149 Münster, Germany phone: +49 251 832 1122 fax: +49 251 832 4686 email: