The Journal of Laryngology & Otology

Clinical records

Laryngeal edema as the only symptom of hypersenitivity to salicylic acid and other substances

G. Hillerdala1 and H. Lindholma2

a1 Department of Lung Medicine, University Hospital, S-750 14 Uppsala, Sweden

a2 Department of Lung Medicine and Phoniatrics, University Hospital, S-750 14 Uppsala, Sweden


Idiosyncrasy to salicylic acid and related substances is well known, the most common symptoms being asthma, rhinorrhea and urticaria. We here describe two cases whose only symptoms were hoarseness and in which inspection revealed laryngeal edema when the patients ingested any of these substances. In cases of chronic recurring hoarseness, a history should be taken with respect to such hypersensitivity and suspect cases should be challenged, since a strict diet may improve the symptoms.