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Oculomotor findings in autistic children

Ulf Rosenhalla1 c1, Elisabeth Johanssona1 and Christopher Gillberga1

a1 Department of Audiology and Otolaryngology, Sahlgren's Hospital and The Department of Child and Youth Psychiatry, University of Goteborg, Sweden.


Eleven children with infantile autism or autistic-like conditions were examined with oculomotor tests and with auditory brainstem response audiometry. Measurements of voluntary, horizontal non-predictable saccades showed that the eye motor function was abnormal in six (55 per cent) of the eleven patients. The saccades were hypometric in all six instances and the saccadic velocity was reduced in four instances. The abnormalities observed are consistent with brain dysfunction, in most cases probably indicating ponto-cerebellar involvement. In five instances ABR was found to be abnormal which indicates brainstem dysfunction. Oculomotor dysfunction and/or ABR abnormality was observed in eight (73 per cent) of the patients studied.


c1 Dr. Ulf Rosenhall, Dept of Audiology, Sahlgren's Hospital, S-413 45 Goteborg, Sweden.


This study was supported by a grant from the Foundation Tysta Skolan.

Göteborg, Sweden