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Surgery for otitis media with effusion in children and its relationship to parental smoking

A. E. Hintona1 c1

a1 Birmingham


A study was conducted to ascertain whether there is any relationship between parental smoking and various factors in children undergoing surgery for otitis media with effusion.

Information was recorded on 115 children admitted to hospital for grommet insertion. Details of parental smoking habits, previous surgery for ottis media with effusion and operative findings were noted. A group of 36 children with healthy ears attending an orthoptic clinic were used as controls.

Those children with at least one parental smoker were found to have a higher chance of being admitted to hospital for grommet insertion and were more likely to have had previous surgery for otitis media with effusion.

(Accepted December 06 1988)


c1 Dr Anthony E. Hinton, Department of Otolaryngology, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9WL.