Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Effect of constitutive laws for two-dimensional membranes on flow-induced capsule deformation

a1 UMR CNRS 6600, UTC, BP 20529, 60205 Compiègne, France


Three constitutive laws (Skalak et al.'s law extended to area-compressible interfaces, Hooke's law and the Mooney–Rivlin law) commonly used to describe the mechanics of thin membranes are presented and compared. A small-deformation analysis of the tension–deformation relation for uniaxial extension and for isotropic dilatation allows us to establish a correspondence between the individual material parameters of the laws. A large-deformation analysis indicates that the Mooney–Rivlin law is strain softening, whereas the Skalak et al. law is strain hardening for any value of the membrane dilatation modulus. The large deformation of a capsule suspended in hyperbolic pure straining flow is then computed for several membrane constitutive laws. A capsule with a Mooney–Rivlin membrane bursts through the process of continuous elongation, whereas a capsule with a Skalak et al. membrane always reaches a steady state in the range of parameters considered. The small-deformation analysis of a spherical capsule embedded in a linear shear flow is modified to account for the effect of the membrane dilatation modulus.

(Received August 21 2000)
(Revised November 30 2001)

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