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Effect of weather conditions on acute laryngotracheitis

C. P. Fieldera1 c1

a1 Swansea


The aim of the study was to examine the incidence of croup in the Swansea area and to determine whether meteorological factors have any effect on the incidence of acute laryngotracheitis requiring hospitalization.

447 patients with a diagnosis of acute viral croup were admitted to the Ear, Nose and Throat Department of Singleton Hospital, Swansea, between January 1st 1980 and December 31st 1984.

There was no significant difference between days with and without croup admissions, with respect to barometric pressure or relative humidity. Maximum and minimum temperatures were significantly lower on days with croup admissions (p>0.001).

Wind direction appeared to influence the number of admissions, which were increased when the wind was from the south-east (p>0.01).


c1 C. P. Fielder, Ear, Nose and Throat Department, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, South Glamorgan

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