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Bifid uvula: Prevalence and association in otitis media with effustion inchildren admitted for routing otolaryngological operations

R. P. Rivrona1 c1

a1 Edinburgh


Over a six month period, 709 children admitted for routine ENT operations were surveyed with regard to the presence of a bifid uvula as seen whilst under a general anaesthetic. The prevalence was found to be 7.5 per cent (53:709) which is higher than other published figures for a Caucasian population. There was a statistically significant male predominance (2.5:1). Comparision between those children found to have otitis media with effusion at operation and those having dry myringotomies, or operations not including myringotomy, revealed a similar prevalence of bifid uvula. Thus, this data does not support the hypothesis that bifid uvula as a microform of cleft palate is associated with an increased incidence of otitis media with effusion.


c1 R. P. Rivron, Department of Otolaryngology, Phase I, The Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.