Bulletin of the Natural History Museum: Entomology

A review of the genera associated with the tribe Asthenini (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Larentiinae)

a1 Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica, 19 Zhongguancun Road, Beijing 100080, China.
a2 Department of Entomology, The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD, U.K.


Synopsis 78

Introduction 78

Comments on the tribal classification 78

Structures of taxonomic note 79

Layout 80

Depositories of material 80

Acknowledgements 80

Tribe Asthenini 80

Checklist of the genera of Asthenini 81

Genera examined and excluded from Asthenini 81

Key to genera 81

Asthena 82

Hydrelia 85

Agnibesa 89

Euchoeca 89

Epicyme 90

Eschatarchia 91

‘Chalyboclydon’ flexilinea 91

Palpoctenidia 92

Asthenotricha 93

Venusia 95

Nomenia 97

Hastina 98

Macrohastina 99

Bihastina 99

Leucoctenorrhoe 100

Parasthena 101

Poecilasthena 101

Polynesia 104

Anydrelia 105

Genera examined and excluded from Asthenini 105

Minoa 105

Chalyboclydon 106

Cleptocosmia 107

Eois 108

Pseudopolynesia 108

Chaetolopha 109

Trichodezia 109

References 109

The Asthenini (Geometridae, Larentiinae) are reviewed at the generic level. Critical examination of the composition of the tribe has led to the recognition of 18 genera, with the species ‘Chalyboclydon’ flexilinea Warren unplaced. Species are listed under all of the genera identified as Asthenini; their broad distribution is noted; and remarks on peculiarities are noted. Seven other genera that have been associated with the tribe are also considered, and reasons for the exclusion are given. A lectotype is designated for the non-asthenine species Chalyboclydon marginata Warren.