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Diagnostic imaging of the larynx: autofluorescence of laryngeal tumours using the helium-cadmium laser

Meredydd Lloyd Harriesa1 c1, Stephen Lama2, Calum MacAulaya2, Jianan Qua2 and Branko Palcica2

a1 Fellow in Phonosurgery, Vancouver General Hospital.

a2 British Columbia Cancer Agency, Vancouver, Canada.


The use of tissue autofluorescence for the detection and localization of cancer of the larynx is described. In this pilot study, eight patients with probable carcinoma of the vocal folds underwent laryngoscopy in which the tissue autofluorescence spectra of normal and pathologically confirmed tumour tissue were acquired in vivo. Fluorescence images of the suspect areas were also acquired using the LIFE system (Xillix Technologies Corp.). The results suggest that the autofluorescence properties of laryngeal tissue, under 442 nm illumination, are similar to those of bronchial tissue and that the LIFE system has the potential to increase the accuracy of staging of cancer of the larynx and also to allow earlier diagnosis of tumours and theirrecurrence

(Accepted September 21 1994)


c1 Address for correspondence: Mr M. L. Harries, The Voice Clinic, Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital, 330 Gray's Inn Road, London WCIX 8DA.