Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry


Night Wetting in Children: Psychological Aspects

Richard J. Butler a1c1
a1 Leeds Community and Mental Health (NHS) Trust, U.K.


von Gontard's annotation (1998) on day- and night-wetting children takes a paediatric perspective on these prevalent and distressing conditions. This review addresses some of the major psychological issues relevant to nocturnal enuresis. Daytime wetting, which encapsulates a number of conditions each with separate aetiologies, distinct presentations, and specific treatment interventions, has been the focus of two recent reviews (Edens & Surwit, 1995; Robson, Leung, & Bloom, 1996) and will thus not be discussed in this annotation.

(Accepted November 4 1997)

Key Words: Intervention; management; nocturnal enuresis; children; psychological impact.

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