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Velocity, acceleration and deceleration bounds for a time-optimal planner of a wheeled mobile robot

Maria  Prado a1, Antonio  Simón a1 and Francisco  Ezquerro a1
a1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Málaga, Plaza El Ejido s/n, 29013 Málaga (Spain)


Three single-valued upper boundary functions for velocity, acceleration and deceleration of a wheeled mobile robot (WMR) are defined as closed mathematical forms over its entire spatial path. The limits deal with mechanical, kinematic and dynamic characteristics of the robot and with task and operating matters. These boundary functions can be computed making use of any robot model, as complex as is needed, since it works offline.

All studies are particularised for the robot RAM. A kinematic and a complete dynamic model of this WMR is built, with special attention on the study of wheel-ground contact efforts. For this purpose an empirical-analytical model of rubber wheel rolling is developed.

(Received September 19 2001)

Key Words: Mobile robots; Time-optimal motion planning; Velocity boundary; Acceleration boundary; Dynamic robot models.