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Multipoint maximum likelihood mapping in a full-sib family of an outbreeding species


a1 Kyazma B.V., P. O. Box 182, 6700 AD Wageningen, the Netherlands


The fast multipoint maximum likelihood mapping algorithm for crosses between inbred lines, introduced by Jansen et al. (2001), is extended for mapping in a full-sib family of an outbreeding species. The method accommodates different segregation types of markers and differences in recombination between parents. The two separate parental multipoint maximum likelihood maps are joined into an integrated map by averaging lengths over anchored segments and by interpolating or extrapolating for markers segregating in one parent only. The method is illustrated with simulated data. The method will enable a more accurate estimation of maps in outbreeding species than current methods.

(Received December 15 2010)

(Revised April 15 2011)

(Revised June 15 2011)

(Accepted June 15 2011)

(Online publication August 31 2011)