Natural Language Engineering

Applied morphological processing of English

a1 Cognitive and Computing Sciences, University of Sussex, Brighton BN1 9QH, UK; email:


We describe two newly developed computational tools for morphological processing: a program for analysis of English inflectional morphology, and a morphological generator, automatically derived from the analyser. The tools are fast, being based on finite-state techniques, have wide coverage, incorporating data from various corpora and machine readable dictionaries, and are robust, in that they are able to deal effectively with unknown words. The tools are freely available. We evaluate the accuracy and speed of both tools and discuss a number of practical applications in which they have been put to use.

(Received January 26 2001)
(Revised May 3 2001)

p1 Current affiliation: Motorola Labs, Schaumberg, IL 60196, USA; email: