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Recent developments in ductile bulk metallic glass composites

M. Ferrya1 c1, K.J. Lawsa1, C. Whitea1, D.M. Miskovica1, K.F. Shamlayea1, W. Xua1 and O. Biletskaa1

a1 School of Materials Science and Engineering, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, New South Wales, 2052, Australia


Offering a unique suite of mechanical, physical, and chemical properties, bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) show significant promise as engineering materials. Unfortunately, most BMGs exhibit low tensile ductility at ambient temperature that limits their use as structural (load-bearing) materials. To overcome this problem, BMG composites (BMGCs) containing a second phase are being developed for improving ductility by controlling the mechanics of shear band nucleation and growth in the glassy matrix, which is the primary mode of failure in these materials. This review describes some recent developments in BMGCs and discusses the influence of the type of second phase on mechanical behavior.

(Received November 08 2012)

(Accepted December 17 2012)


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