Journal of Linguistics

Research Article

Towards a new typology of coordinated wh-questions   1


a1 University of Washington, Seattle

a2 Middle East Technical University, Ankara


In this paper, we develop a new typology of multiple wh-questions with coordinated wh-pronouns. We motivate the existence of three distinct structures for such questions: one mono-clausal and two bi-clausal. We use four kinds of diagnostics to determine which of the three structures is available in a particular language: the availability of both multiple wh-questions and wh-questions with coordinated wh-pronouns, coordination of two argument wh-phrases, transitivity restrictions and superiority effects.

(Received September 13 2010)

(Revised January 24 2012)

(Online publication July 11 2012)


c1 Authors' addresses: (Citko) University of Washington, Department of Linguistics, Box 354340, Seattle, WA 98195-4340, USA

c2 (Gračanin-Yuksek) Middle East Technical University, Department of Foreign Language Education, 06800 Ankara, Turkey


[1]  We would like to thank Olga Arnaudova, Çiler Hatipoğlu, Roumyana Pancheva, Dafina Raţiu, and Oana Savescu for help with judgments. Earlier versions of this work have been presented at NELS 40, 84th Annual LSA Meeting, Sarajevo Linguistic Gathering 4 and SinFonija 2, a colloquium at the University of Washington, and the SLS Workshop in Slavic Linguistics at Indiana University. We thank the audiences of the meetings, as well as two anonymous Journal of Linguistics referees and the editors for very substantial and insightful comments. We alone remain responsible for any omissions or misrepresentations.